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For high quality kitchen cabinet refinishing / cabinet refacing in Ocean County New Jersey and surrounding areas, homeowners trust the professionals at Jersey Cabinet Refinishing. When it comes to refinishing or refacing kitchen cabinets our skilled craftsmen are able to match colors and styles to give you the kitchen you desire. Our team does the job right, always maintaining a company wide commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

Our process of revitalizing the appearance of your kitchen through either cabinet refinishing or cabinet refacing has outstanding advantages that our clients love. Jersey Cabinet Refinishing can give new style, new color and new life to you kitchen cabinets.

*Less Expensive

Every kitchen is unique and every kitchen refinishing or refacing project involves numerous price variables. Our high quality kitchen cabinet painting process offers you the opportunity to freshen up your kitchen with custom color cabinets and optional new hardware while saving most clients about 60% over the cost of total kitchen cabinet replacement. Refacing your cabinets offers more versatility in style with cabinet doors and drawers being totally transformed. The cost of refacing is generally 20% more than cabinet refinishing. These kitchen renewal estimates include our labor and materials, they do not include the savings and convenience gained by having your kitchen cabinets transformed in only a few days, compared to a month or longer for a total kitchen renovation.

*More Convenient

Having your kitchen cabinets repainted with a high quality custom coating or refacing your cabinets with new doors, drawers and hardware can both be accomplished with a bare minimum of disruption to your home and family routine. Your kitchen refacing or refinishing takes 3 – 5 days under normal circumstances. During this time you may have full or partial access to your sink and counter top work space. A minor inconvenience to pay for getting custom finished kitchen cabinets. On the other hand a major kitchen remodel with kitchen cabinet tear out and replacement with some structural improvements, drywall and flooring may take 6 – 8 weeks or even longer. Many times your kitchen will be completely unusable during the kitchen remodel.

*Precise Customizing

Kitchen cabinet refinishing and refacing offer unique opportunities for customizing the appearance of your kitchen. Your designer color, cabinet door style and hardware choice give you a unique and stylish kitchen that is one of a kind and created to your exact taste and specifications.

Call us today to arrange for a free in home consultation. We will walk you through our process and the numerous options available for obtaining your perfect kitchen color and style.

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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

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Kitchen cabinet refinishing has the same enhancing effect as full cabinet replacement for a fraction of the cost. The process is also much less time consuming and also less disruptive to you and your daily routine. Our cabinet refinishing process only takes a few days time. All of our services are provided by highly trained cabinet refinishing professionals.

Transform the Color & Style of Your Kitchen

Newly refinished cabinets, when professionally done can completely transform your entire kitchen space. Outdated or worn cabinets can make an entire kitchen look old, dingy and out of style. Having your existing cabinets refinished is an economical way to update the look and feel of your entire kitchen space. The fastest and most cost effective way to achieve your desired kitchen look is to call Jersey Cabinet Refinishing for a free in home consultation.

A new color or multiple colors that add modern style and bring your kitchen cabinets up to date, without the cost or inconvenience of a major remodel are what we offer our clients. Our professionals can transform your kitchen in just 3-5 days. Your kitchen will remain functional for the majority of the process with very little inconvenience to you. Kitchens are the heart of a home and minimal interruption into your family routine is an important part of our service.

Call 732-648-9883 or email us to arrange a free in home consultation. Our professional team can provide all of the information you will need concerning kitchen cabinet colors and types of kitchen cabinet finishes available to give you the perfect kitchen.

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Our Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Process Copy

The refinishing of your kitchen cabinets begins with a free in home consultation. After a work contract is agreed on we immediately get all of the cabinet refinishing materials ordered. The usual order time for custom kitchen cabinet coatings, any hardware or other kitchen cabinet accessories is 5-7 days. At this time you will be put into our work schedule and a start date for your cabinet refinishing can be set.

Step #1
On our verified start date we will begin the cabinet refinishing process by removing your cabinet doors and drawer fronts. These will go back to our paint shop to be refinished.

Step #2
Your cabinet fronts, cabinet sides and other parts to be refinished will be thoroughly cleaned and sanded on site.

Step #3
Your cabinet fronts and sides will receive our professional cabinet painting treatment on site (2 – 4 days). This consists of primer and 2 coats of super tough low VOC colorant that you have selected for your kitchen. Your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers are receiving similar treatment back at our paint shop.

Step #4
When all refinished surfaces are thoroughly cured your cabinet doors and drawers will be reattached along with any optional hardware upgrades you have selected.

This is a typical kitchen cabinet refinishing work outline. Each kitchen refinishing project is unique. It is important to keep in mind that additional items and tasks such as cabinet accessory installation, new cabinet trim, wall painting, ceiling painting, wall paper hanging or other related work may impact the actual schedule and required time to completion.

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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Specialists – Call 732-648-9883

What is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing? – In a nut shell, cabinet refacing is an environmentally friendly way to quickly transform you kitchen and save money while doing it.

The cabinet refacing process involves removing your kitchen cabinet doors, drawer fronts, hardware and accessories. The remaining cabinet face areas between the doors, cabinet ends and other exposed sections are resurfaced with a premium furniture grade hardwood veneer, color finished to your exact taste. New cabinet doors and drawer fronts in your chosen style and color are installed along with new hardware, moldings and accessories. Your cabinet layout remains the same, but additional cabinets such as an island or more wall cabinets along with accessories such as a wine rack may be added at this time.

The refacing process allows homeowners with the help of our design specialist to fully customize the appearance of their kitchen in only 3-5 days of on the job work time. The choice of kitchen cabinet door styles and colors is virtually unlimited. When combined with the ability to add on and accessorize your imagination is the only limitation.

Additional Kitchen Accessories

  • Wine Rack
  • Cutlery Trays
  • Knife Block Insert
  • Spice Rack
  • Island Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet refacing is not just a change in the color of your cabinets. Your existing cabinet doors may be replaced by new contemporary, traditional farm house or any other door style.

  • Shaker Cabinet Doors
  • Raised Panel Cabinet Doors
  • Glass Panel Cabinet Doors
  • Recessed Panel Cabinet Doors
  • Mullion Frame Cabinet Doors
  • Arched Panel Cabinet Doors
  • Slab Cabinet Doors

The appearance of your kitchen is transformed in just a few days at about 1/2 the cost of a total cabinet replacement.

Our Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Process

The refacing of your kitchen cabinets begins with a free at home consultation. Once a contract is signed, accurate measurements are completed and all of your custom cabinet refacing products are ordered. The usual order time in 5-7 days for most door styles, colors and cabinet accessories. At this time we can put you into our work schedule and a start date for your refacing can be set.

This is a typical kitchen cabinet refacing project work outline. Each kitchen is unique and additional items and tasks such as cabinet accessories, additional trim, painting or other work may impact the actual job time.

  • All cabinet doors, drawer fronts and hardware are removed.
  • Cabinet fronts, sides and other exposed areas are recovered with a real wood furniture grade laminate.
  • New kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts are installed.
  • New hardware options are installed. (self closing hinges, knobs, handles)
  • Optional kitchen cabinet accessories are installed. (island cabinet, internal racks, sliding hardware, spice rack, valance)

Your countertop, kitchen sink and refrigerator all remain functional and accessible during the majority of our usual 3-5 days in your home. When compared to the inconvenience of total cabinet replacement, refacing your cabinets becomes an even more attractive option.

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We service Ocean, Monmouth and all surrounding counties.